The increasing pace of technological innovation and fast-changing business models has made a shorter software product development cycle an imperative. Hence, companies need a strategic software engineering services and products partner who can share and execute, based on the product's long-term strategic vision. Product engineering puts your business on the technologically high accelerating tracks to bring a thumping great digital transformation. It helps businesses to remain radically up-to-date with the latest technological trends. It involves activities that deal with productivity, value, performance, user experiences, and reliability. Substantially it allows a business to develop a product that meets the business goals and objectives.

Business Value of Product Engineering

  • Procure focus on business
  • Gain business agility
  • Achieve system interoperability
  • Transform legacy system to adapt technological advancements
  • Enhance customer experience¬†

Products are built iteratively. The initial product development phase involves building the core system functionalities like user management, payment systems, etc. Later the additional features like analytics and suggestion systems are added. The time & cost consuming process is, building the core systems. They are the base systems of product architecture. In product re-engineering, the core systems are already in its place and minor modifications have to be made at that level. So the cost of the entire product development project will be significantly less.

The goal of product reengineering is to optimize the efficiency of the product by appending new functionalities and taking advantage of the latest technologies. It entails activities that deals with developing a new product with new technology by taking advantage of the existing design and functionality.

Business Value of Product Re-engineering

  • Faster speed-to-market
  • Reduced risk
  • Better use of existing technology
  • Increased productivity
  • Incremental development
  • Greater Return of Investment

Why Inspirisys for Product Engineering and Re-engineering

At Inspirisys, we understand, contribute and bring the product vision of our clients to life. We work with various engagement models based on your business vision. Our services span the entire software product engineering and re-engineering life-cycle from ideation to design and development and subsequently the production phase. With extensive experience in product engineering and reengineering, we help organizations to attain their business goals. We keep the core elements of the legacy product intact, optimize the performance and augment newly required functionalities. We adhere to the industry best practices of coding standards, design guidelines, and project management to provide the best product engineering and re-engineering solution.